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Machine gun Kelly's music helps me with my workout and to focus on the good in life

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Kellz , I cant begin to explain on how much not just your music but you as a person as had a positive affect on my life. I've watched you grow not only as an artist but as a person and couldn't be any more proud to call you my role model one of the main influences on my life. I believe your very...

i like this song and every other song that he raps 

you need a bag in septwmber when u in greensboro? Lol

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see my tears got me in tears once again

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I need V.I.P. tickets to this show who's got em ? I've got cash $$$

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Dear Kells,

Well, there is absolutely no chance you’ll read this but I just wrote it for the 0.001 percent you might. The way I imagine it would happen is that you would just finish a show and chill with the gang and then, when the hype dies, you scroll through your messages and, out of...