Bloom Out Now

Featuring the multiplatinum 'Bad Things' and the radio smash 'At My Best', Machine Gun Kelly released his third album 'bloom' out now. The poignantly titled album, 'bloom', will guest star Quavo, Ty Dolla $ign, Camila Cabello, Hailee Steinfeld, and more.


'bloom' is available now:



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Quincy_Bartels's picture

Dear Machine Gun Kelly,

Man where do I begin. Let’s just say my life has been a crazy roller coaster the past 3 years of loosing the love of my life, my family, and my best friend. I’m a recovering meth addicted in Iowa that has been through hell and back multiple times trying to figure out what the hell the man upstairs put me up on this earth for and I still haven’t figured it out yet. To be honest with you man suicide(which I always thought would never be a thought in my own head) has come to me multiple times these past years from suffering from anxiety and depression. I know your a busy hard worker still chasin them pavements so im going to keep this short hoping one day I’ll be able to tell you my story in person. I am just a regular fan just like everyone else but I am UNIQUE and different in my own way. Let’s just say your music has been Gods gift to me and has helped me get through these hard nights of finding myself again. 

Thank you,

Quincy Bartels

Stacie_Kuklis_Fourroux's picture

Can't help! But notice 27 comments to the bloom post , but that is a number that represents me and so is 34 so naturally I gravitate to them when i see them. Congrats on the album and of course now its no longer 27 ironically.....xx