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kaseymarielewis92's picture

Just so you know im in love with you, I love your music all the song own bloom was amazing , and I already done fell in love with binge esp the song lately keep up the amazing work you do cause your music motivates me in so many ways no matter what im going through all I got to do is play your music . 

Kenneth_McMurray's picture

Mgk you were butchered by me. Your never has been career is are q ain't no a preppy ass punk.your music and acting is garbage and you comment on kids. Pervert!!!! No one knows who you are or listening to your are irrelevant. Enjoy your 15 minutes of a joke brah.all my peoples think the same.when em dissed u we listened to see who u were.and found out why we haven't heard of you. No radio platinums.and opening up for washed up rock sad.

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Bitch shit up and go fuck your dad! Disrespect my man again and I’ll disrespect yo whole life. PERIODT and if you feel any kind of way about it before you decide you’ll argue just drop a addy cause I’m like that in real life okay

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What's sad is your obvious lack of education. I can't take someone serious who can't spell for shit or use proper grammar. How sad is your life that you have to come to an artist's website just to talk shit. Like Kells would give two shits what a no life douche like you thinks. You keep hating, I'm sure it will get you far in life. 

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Even if this post isn’t read by mgk I’m happy I had a chance to say this I wish it could be in person I tried to meet you back in April when you played in Tulsa Oklahoma sadly money restricts a lot when you don’t have it but next time I have a chance to come to a concert I will be there and hopefully I can meet you next time but that’s for the future to show but I just wanted to say you’re awesome and because of you I’ve learned to cope with my own issues and if your music reaches others like it does me then I know your movement is real and I am on your side and in your corner till the end. Much love and respect keep up what you do you inspire people.

paulalbz_27's picture

Really,I love you,it´s not cause you´re a good person,cause you´re handsome or cause you´re very funny,is cause your personality,it´s cause you.Continue being yourself.Kisses